The Village of the hardcore

As an analogy picture yourself as a wanderer through life. Sometimes trekking over land you must cross through deep dark woods or over mountains. Other times you stride easily through a green prairie with the smell of sweet grass in the air. As a traveler you are not afraid to take the road less traveled or even navigate upon the water. Your journey is long hard and very eventful as you meet other travelers along the way. Every night as your feet and legs start to ache and your belly grows with hunger you come upon the next village where you will lay and rest, have some food, and learn from the villagers how they live their lives. Like you they have traveled far and wide and know that their stay is rather temporary as well.

What if a village were to exist that contained the hardcore? A place were tough salty and wise beings come together and crush it hard every day. Before you move on with your life’s journey you must stay a while to learn and to be part of the experience, sometimes extreme and impossible other times exhilarating………

As I have repeatedly stated , Life Hardcore is a blog that is about living your days here on earth as a powerful man or woman. Powerful in mind and body. Embracing the idea that you are a form of a machine that is meant to do work , to engage , to break thru barriers and rise to the next level.

This can only be done by choosing a philosophy whose hallmarks are exceptionalism, patients, control of fear, understanding of yourself and others, hard work, Commitment, You can adopt a warriors philosophy which is something that I have done or maybe something else that fits your personality better. But the idea is that every day is a great and special day that needs your attention paid to every detail. Fitness dominates this forum because it is the hard work behind being healthy and strong that teaches us the most primal message of being a person of great character. Developing mental toughness and clarity can be found through the bar bell or the 5 mile run. Pushing past your physical breaking point but exceeding your imagined limitations is key to understanding what striving for your best can be.

When at work always pick the hardest thing to do and be the first to jump up and offer to do it. If you are overwhelmed then seek assistance. Right off the bat you are showing that you are not lazy or afraid and most important….. humble. Do this in the gym as well. Save the easy work for after you busted your ass doing the hard stuff.  Do this every day that you can. Show commitment by never skipping a workout and by always thinking ahead at your job. If you stand tall when everyone else is cowering you will become a leader. Whether you see yourself as a leader or not is unimportant. What is important is how those around you see you. If you are a leader to them then so be it.



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