5 Overrated Exercises (and What to Do Instead)

After a few shoulder issues over the years I’m open to any alternatives that not only keep your shoulders strong but pain free!
Fred (LHXC)



Conventional upright rows (performed with a straight bar or EZ bar, a narrow grip and pulling up to the chin) are a surefire way to aggravate cranky shoulders. The exercise almost perfectly replicates the clinical test for impingement syndrome: touch your hand to your opposite shoulder and lift your elbow up. If you feel pinching or tightness, that means you’ve got something going on in your subacromial space (which could be caused by a handful of things) and upright rows are not in the cards for you.

Either way, it’s best just not to do upright rows at all. It’s not worth the potential shoulder irritation and there are plenty of other ways to build big delts and traps.


Widen your grip, use some aggressive hip extension and pull no higher than the nipple line for a more effective and less…

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