Omega 3 labels , what is your true dose of EPA / DHA?

How do you understand Omega-3 supplement labels?

1000 mg of fish oil looks good at first, right?

first add the EPA & DHA together

This brand of omega 3 I am looking at says it is a 1000 mg capsule. When you read the lable it contains 400mg of active EPA-DHA and 500 mg of inactive fats…that only adds up to
900 mg. There is no mention of where the other 100 mg are but I assume it is in the capsule
itself. Also you realize that the 500 mg of inactive fats are just that…… inactive.

According to clinical studies  athletes or people with chronoic inflammatory diseases
should take higher doses.

You need minimally 3000mg of EPA:DHA daily for optimal benefits.

So looking at this lable the correct dosage to get these 3000 mg in;

3000mg (min daily dosage)
/400mg (total EPA:DHA per Serving)
7.5 Caps/day!

This brand suggest a daily serving of 2 caps  pre day! This just doesnt cut it!

So you have two choices. Either stick with whatever brand you have but you may have to really up your dosage. Or find a brand that contains way more EPA-DHA.

I will be taking the 8 capsules a day that I need to reach this 3000 mg minimum and look for a better source for EPA – DHA for the future.


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