ROUTINE AND SPLIT for not overtraining

ROUTINE AND SPLIT for not over training.


All exercises to be done slow and strict…nothing super explosive or rapid. The KEY is hard work and a focus on progressive poundage gains in small to tiny jumps weekly.

Incline bench(30 degree) or some type of incline press. 2-3 warm ups of 5 and then 2 sets hard for 8 reps
Declines or weighted dips with elbows out. 2 sets of 8. Best overall chest the entire chest well.

abs …now… to rest triceps. 2-3 sets each of crunches and hanging knee ups. add weight if you can do more than 20 reps. Try to curl the hips upwards as the knees come up above the waist.

Lying tricep extensions. 1 warm up of 8 and then 2 sets of 10 hard
Dips with elbows in..I like the hammer dip machine 2 sets of 8-10.

Toe press in leg press machine. Slow and full for 3- 4 sets of 10-15 reps. reduce weight after each set after only 90 second rests between sets. Works the entire calf including soleus.


Pulldowns or chins with palms facing you grip. 2-3 warm ups of 5 and then 2-3 sets of 10 hard. Use straps…arch low back at bottom. slow and strict!

Some type of row….arch the low back and squeeze. 2 sets of 8-10 Great for mid upper back and rear delts

Overhead press to front either on a 85 degree bench with a barbell or in a machine(hammer is good) 2-3 warm ups of 5 and then 2-3 sets of 8 hard. Works the entire deltoid complex including the rear head

Upright row with straps. grip about 10 inches wide 1- 2 sets of 10

Shrugs 2-3 sets of 10

Curls 3 sets of 10 hard
forearm work if you like


SQUATS….you MUST SQUAT and squat correctly and that means upper thighs to AT LEAST parallel…lower is better. 3 warm ups of 5…don’t tire yourself out….then 2 and at most 3 all out sets of 10. These sets should take you a long time to complete with very high effort. rest 4 minutes between sets.
Hard squatting and deadlifting make you anabolic and help gains all over your body.

Now go over to the leg press machine and set the back rest as low as it goes(helps with full range of motion) and load up about 75% of your max weight for 10 reps.
Do one warm up set with this weight…not for your thighs BTW as they are already toast…it’s to get your low back used to the deep motion of the press properly done.

Then load up your max weight for 10.

leg extensions 1 all out set of 10-15 slow and with a hold at the top

…with no more than 30 seconds rest do the leg press with that top weight you loaded up. The leg extensions done before the leg press pre-exhaust the thighs a bit and the relatively fresh glutes/hams and hips will really push those quads.
Leg press…deep and with feet high on platform. 1 all out set of 10 can get really good results from simply 3 sets of 10 of very hard deep squats.
Squats properly done work the entire quad/glutes/hams and low back very really don’t need anything else for the quads.

One key is to go a little below parallel until you feel your sacrum/butt “dip” into the pocket. This activates the powerful glutes, hips and hams and allows for more weight to be squated and more quad stimulation.

DONE QUADS…now sit down for 5 minutes!

Stiff leg deadlifts….to just below knee height. Use straps. Back straight. PIVOT AT THE HIP. By far the best ham worker and a very good erector movement too. 2 warm ups of 5 and then 2 very hard sets of 10
SLDL not only work the hams very well but they also work the low back very well too.

hyperextensions with weight 1 set of 10-15
regular deadlifts in the rack…set pins at just below knee height. 1 warm up and then one set of 8-10(no bouncing) use straps

leg curl. 2 sets of 8

DONE! Short but very tough leg/back workout if done with a lot of effort…and more than enough for the non steroid user. Now crawl to your post workout protein shake!


Believe it or not bro’s not a few of you need to do even fewer working sets than I listed in the above routine. Hard gainers have a very limited ability to recover from weight lifting and believe me hard gainers are not rare at all and are far more common than easy gainers. Many of you would do best by limiting the working sets to 2-3 per body part and that means fewer exercises, especially isolation exercises… believe it or not.

*** While training, and especially while natural, you MUST make weight progression and HARD WORK in the big basic movements your priority. Try to progressively add small and then tiny bits of weight to the bars weekly or every two weeks…even a 1- 2 pound gain per week on the squat and a 1 pound or less per week or two gain in the bench for reps is good progress, after the going gets really tough. Get some small plates

*Make sure you keep the reps strict and full as you progress in poundage though…you want REALGAINS and not gains in poundage due to progressively rapid and poorly executed reps.

After failing to get even tiny increases in weight for several weeks reduce the working sets OR let the reps drop to sets of 5…still trying to up the weights. When progress halts again take 10 full day off from weights…come back with about 90% of your previous best for the higher reps and work your way up to and past your previous bests.


Generally, while “off’ you want to limit the really high intensity techniques most of the time. Once a training cycle is out of the easy few weeks at the beginning you want to make your last rep honestly the last rep that you could do with good form, and if you tried to do another rep you would likely get stuck(positive failure). This is harder than most men train, especially in the squat.
Occasion use of “intensifiers” is okay but WATCH OUT or you will overtrain.

Again, weight progression in small and then tiny jumps is the key to solid progress

Forget about all the isolation stuff…I gave you enough already….

You want big pecs( in all regions) and triceps then add 75 pounds for reps to your declines or dips with elbows out.

You want big triceps then focus on adding 60 pounds to the overhead press and dips with elbows in…you want big biceps then focus on adding 50 pounds to your chins and 80 to your rows … want big side delts then focus on adding 50 pounds to your over head presses.

YOU WANT BIG WELL SHAPED RIPPED QUADS, HAMS and ERECTORS then add 200 pounds to your 10 rep squat and 150 pounds to your stiff leg deads!


limit the cardio to no more than 3 times a week for 30 minutes at pop or it will eat into your recuperative powers.


Be sure that you diet is “spot on” especially while off…plenty of carbs, around a gram of protein per pound of body weight, plenty of essential fatty acids and a real decent amount of total calories taken in(but be careful not to take so much that you get fat). Eat 5-6 small meals a day two of which can be a protein drink.
It’s important to always eat some carbs and protein after a workout but more so while off.
Sleep is always important too but even more important when off.


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