Smith Machine

All in all there are plenty of ways to get in a good workout. Sometimes just doing squats or bench press is not what is going to work for you right now. Every once in a while you can incorporate other routines and exercises that you normally wouldn’t do.

On occasion I will use machines. One very popular machine is the Smith Machine.  I use it and there is no reason anyone else shouldn’t use it unless you may have a certain injury or problem with physically maintaining healthy form during the exercise.

English: BenchPress ex
English: BenchPress ex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is because the smith machine is locked in one plane of motion. This plane may be good for persona A but not for B, C, D, etc. It 100% absolutely cannot take into account anthropometrical differences and often leads to injury.

Often times people think the opposite. That the smith machine will help keep you from getting injured. Sorry but that is not the case.

One advantage of using a smith machine (and the only one I can think of) is that it has safety pins that you can set to keep the bar from falling on your chest. If you look at the gif picture here you will see the pins are not set to the proper  height and if the woman were to have an issue the bar would most definitely come crashing down on her. Of course you can also see that she has no weight on the bar so she is safe. But yeah, if you are gonna use this machine make sure you use those safety pins other wise just go use a regular bench press. If you see a power rack in the gym use that above anything else. A power rack is the way to go because it too has safety pins and allows you to bench or squat free weight.

A power rack or power cage at Doug's Gym, Dall...

A power rack or power cage at Doug’s Gym, Dallas, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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