Keeping your shoulders and back healthy and safe.


The Agile 8

Upper body – Joe DeFranco’s Upper body warm-up routine – YouTube

Morning or Pre Upper Body Workout

Thoracic Spine Roll
1. 10 Center
2. 10 Angle left
3. 10 Angle left
4. 10 Center

Armpit – Lat Roll
1. 10 per Lat

Shoulder Capsule Stretch
45 Secs per Shoulder

Band Pec Stretch 45Degree
45 Secs per Pec

Static Latch Stretch
Leaning for 45 Secs per arm

Band Up and Overs
8-10 Reps 2 Sets

Plate Halos


I do this twice a week Wednesday and Saturday

DB Retractions 2×12
DB Cuban Rotations 2×12
Band External Rotations 2×12
Band Internal Rotations 2×12
Band Pull Aparts 2×12
Band Dislocates 2×12
Barbell Protractions 2×12
Posterior Capsule Stretch


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