CrossFit encourages competition

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Crossfit Basel


A group of 25 walk into a room, knowing that in just a short while, they will be in pain. In just a few minutes, all of them will be suffering, regretting their decision to enter the room. The ironic fact is they are paying for their agony.


CrossFit, one of the most successful workout programs, began in 2000 and has been popular and successful ever since. Unlike many other programs and workout fads, CrossFit has been able to sustain its popularity by challenging their participants with a series of competitions and personal goals.


“For one, the program is effective, people see results,” Joel Thompson, owner of CrossFit Tustin, said. “It’s done in a community, which adds to the enjoyment profoundly.”


The community, along with the instructors, are trained to motivate each other while staying positive during the workouts. Motivation is driven by the constant…

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