Me and my Shadow | Character

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Fred (LHXC)

Scott Silverii, PhD

2013-12-15 15.20.39

It’s character.

I love the motivational messages about “the ultimate competitor lies within” and themes encouraging you to do your best to be your best. While most address athletic competition, I also appreciate the aspect in building strength of character.

As a younger man I lauded over the strength to lift heavy weights as a benchmark of who I was, and the lifting of even more weight for who I wanted to be. Thank God we grow past those shallow ambitions.

It’s character.

On my last ride I looked just ahead to see another, stronger bicyclist. I recognized him immediately as the same cyclist I’ve chased for years. He was also the same weightlifter, swimmer, runner, student, son and dad that taunted me for most of my life.

It was my shadow, and it peddled ahead of me and kept its position no matter how hard I beat against…

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