Alcohol and its effects on weight lifting.

I get into this discussion  quite a bit with people. They may say that they only drink one or two drinks a day or may have a fun night once a week and that it doesn’t mess up their workouts. I know this to be half true and half false. I for one drink beer every once in a while. Usually when I have a friend over. I hardly ever go past 3. Will it mess up my work out the next day.. no. Will it mess up my body? Not badly but YES!

First and foremost, alcohol is a poison and your body must fight to get it out of your system. It directly impairs liver function thus severely hampering your metabolism of fat. If fat loss is your main goal moderation is a key.
When your liver is processing alcohol it will stop all other metabolic functions. It will do so until it rids your body of ethanol toxicity which is the by product of alcoholic consumption. This process leads many times to stubborn fat, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and syndrome X.

Drinking in excess will also contribute to fat gain ,not loss. If you think you are going to gain muscle mass while drinking think again! Your liver is too busy doing something it does not want to do, processing alcohol instead of amino acids. In addition, alcohol reduces testosterone.

Think about how much you consume and the caloric value of each drink. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. This is almost twice that of carbohydrates and protein and just under the 9 grams per calorie for fat. Here is an example: consuming 2-3 drinks a day can add up to over 400 calories extra each and every day. Multiply that by one week and you are over 2700 calories extra. That is over a half a pound.

According to studies, drinking alcohol increases visceral adipose tissue. This is the fat around your body organs. NOT HEALTHY! Other studies suggest alcohol consumption increases and stimulates appetite.

Consuming alcohol again stops all fat burning, adds extra calories, increases estrogen level (stubborn fat), increases appetite and makes you more easily persuaded to eat that entire cheese cake.

There are some simple guidelines you can follow that will not only help you stay on the fat burning path, but will encourage better overall health.

“They” (doctors??) say that drinking red wine is much better for you than drinking beer.That’s because red wine contains some good things that can benefit your health. But guess what? Those good things like resveratol can be found in grape juice and sorry to say but the alcohol negates any positive effect that the good stuff has. I know, I know, people have one glass with dinner and its good for them…..BULLSHIT.  On the other hand consuming beer, which contains hops and are highly estrogenic, will lead to more fat gain and harder fat loss.

Try to stay away from extra sweet drinks with added sugars. This will keep your blood sugar from a massive spike while having a drink.
The more food you have in your belly the slower the absorption. It also aids in insulin regulation. Avoid high carbohydrates snack with alcohol. It carries many metabolic problems like insulin elevation and high fat levels in your blood stream.

Below is a list of good to bad:

1. Red wine – Best (according to someone paid alot to say so but ok we will go along with it)
2. White wine
3. Champagne
4. Vodka
5. Gin
6. Rum
7. Whiskey
8. Cognac
9. Sweet wines
10. Sweet mixed drinks
11. Liqueurs
12. BEER! Worst (oh boy, I’ve been bad )

Some common problems with alcohol consumption are:

Reduced testosterone
Increased estrogen
Increased hydration
Inability to absorb vital nutrients
In summary, I would suggest eating an anti-estrogenic, well- balanced diet and minimize alcohol consumption until you reach your fat loss goals. This will also aid in your quest for a set of six pack abs.

Oh and btw….    I am a fan of Benjamin Franklin who is quoted for his very wise statements and here is one that we should seriously pontificate;  ” Beer is how we know that God loves us.”    So take that red wine and shove it up your cork hole!


Beer belly not included.


3 thoughts on “Alcohol and its effects on weight lifting.

    • I think some societies would actually run better if “well lubed”. Conversely everyone in Imperial DC has got to be bombed out of their minds and need to stop right away!

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