Info about estrogen,testosterone and DHEA

When your hormones are balanced, you’ll have a great start on having the most energy, vigor, and getting the most out of your life:

You should have your doctor test two things: 1) Your estrogen and testosterone levels, and 2) your DHEA level. These are the basis for any man’s health, and important for women, too.

1) Estrogen and Testosterone: You won’t hear many doctors talk to men about estrogen. But for both men and women, chemicals, pollutants and pesticides in the environment are dosing you with estrogen look-a-likes every day and wreaking havoc on your body.

But you can restore your energy, mood and get back your masculine “V” shape by making sure your estrogen levels are low and your testosterone levels are healthy.

Too much estrogen can cause fatigue and sexual problems, and can turn your muscle into fat … giving you the “doughy” look. Flushing out excess estrogen and restoring a healthy ratio of testosterone to estrogen will help give you back your muscle tone and restore your energy and confidence.

Males testosterone levels should be at or near 800 (don’t let a doctor tell you 241 is “normal”), and your total estrogen should be below 100. Your testosterone to estrogen ratio should be at least 4-to-1.

A “normal” testosterone range for a woman is from about 25 to 85. Normal estrogen levels for a woman are a bit harder to pin down. Estrogen levels change throughout life and depend on the individual woman’s age and any health concerns.

Women should have estrogen in the 200 range. A lot higher or lower than that could be a cause for concern, depending on age and health. But it’s very individualized and the range is very wide. So you should speak with your gynecologist and discuss what’s best for you.

If your estrogen is high, you can flush the excess by eating lots of cruciferous vegetables, which have a compound called indole-3-carbinol. This helps metabolize estrogen into harmless compounds. It also prevents the negative effects too much estrogen in a male body can cause, by blocking the fake estrogen from attaching to your cell’s receptors.

You can also take it as a supplement. They recommend 100 mg of indole-3-carbinol (I3C) a day.

2) DHEA: Most hormones decline with age but cortisol, the stress hormone, increases with age. Cortisol then plays havoc on your body. Under stress, your body stops building for long-term health and improved immunity and instead says “just get through the moment, damn tomorrow.”

This accelerates aging. It’s like burning your candles at both ends. Endurance exercise makes this worse. Short periods of progressively intense exertion boost DHEA,reverse stress and boost anti-aging hormone secretions.

DHEA is the natural counter to cortisol. It also serves a dual purpose to have healthy levels because DHEA is a precursor to your sex hormones like testosterone.

Youthful levels of DHEA for men range from 400 to 560. For women, levels should range from 350 to 430.

After your levels have been checked, you can determine optimal dosing. A common starting dose is 5 mg for women and 10 mg for men daily. DHEA is absorbed well and can be taken at any time but best mimics the natural daily fluctuation when taken first thing in the morning.


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