3600 Calorie Meal Plan…Get big!

This is a good simple plan

Meal 1
1 cup egg whites (8 eggs), 1 scoop protein powder, 1 cup oatmeal, 1 tsp natural peanut butter

Meal 2
6oz chicken breast, 90g brown rice, 1 tsp natty pb

Meal 3 ( pre workout)Same as meal 1

Meal 4 ( post workout)150g lean ground beef, 85g uncooked pasta

Meal 5 6oz steak, 12 oz yam

Meal 6 ( before bed)Same as meal 1

Cals 3600
Protein 320
Carbs 360
Fat 90

Depending on your protein powder the macros will vary.

Stepping up

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. But if you want to be someone and maybe even live an exciting and daring life, you have to be ready to be criticized. One of the strengths of a good leader is to be able to withstand criticism from all levels and make use of whatever is useful criticism and discard or ignore the terrible criticism.

Even if leadership is not really your bag there will always come the time where you have to step up. Stepping up and doing something or saying something and putting yourself out there to be critiqued by your peers, your boss, your subordinates…. its how things work.

For the most part it is very hard to do the right thing. Those that do will find that this group is often a minority.

Men and women are challenged everyday with this. To take the higher road when the low road is wide open. To work harder when being lazy is just as simple as saying “I’m tired and I don’t want to do anymore.”

For every time you “step up” there will be others who see that they don’t have to and instead step down. This can be frustrating especially when you are trying to lead. When this happens several times it gets harder to maintain your hard work ethic.

But focusing on this is negative. It will drag you down. Instead you have to think like a man ( or a woman who chooses to be powerful ) and focus on the job at hand. Stay firm, this is a test. It is a test on how you handle yourself. But who is it that is testing you? Is it the crowed who lets you go at it alone? No. They already made their decision, if they don’t want to participate then leave them. It is rather a test on you by you! Always work hard to not impress others but yourself. Show YOU what you are really capable of. Never look for approval. Like I said , be a man and a leader.

Focus on the positive and there will be the ones whose eye you catch. They will recognize what you are doing and they will believe in you. These people will find inspiration and be motivated by you. They will let you lead.

It may only be one or two people while those who step down and away may be plentiful. Expect this ratio because again, it is hard to do the right thing. It is much easier to let someone else do the work, especially when the same benefit is had by all. But that is how it is.

We cannot be bogged down by this group of people, realize that you bring quality to the table and you mean business.


Entrepreneur Casey Kinnaird killed training for Ironman challenge

Casey Kinnaird, who died on Tuesday from injuries sustained in a cycling accident, was a driven entrepreneur, who was running a successful financial services company.

The 35-year-old had been training for her second Ironman challenge in March and had recently joined a surf lifesaving club.

We had 15 minutes to make a decision as to whether we would operate to save her life.

In March last year, she competed in the New Zealand Taupo Ironman event, which included a 180-kilometre bike ride.

Casey Kinnaird: her family had 15 minutes to decide whether to try and save her life with surgery.Casey Kinnaird: her family had 15 minutes to decide whether to try and save her life with surgery. Photo: leagueofextraordinarywomen.com.au

“She was very giving. She worked amazingly hard and every single day,” her younger sister, Jevada Kinnaird, 28, said.

Casey Kinnaird was the chief rider in a triathlon cycling group, when she took a narrow corner along McKell Avenue in Waterfall incorrectly, and collided with an oncoming car about 7.15am on Saturday, police and Jevada Kinnaird said.

She suffered multiple broken bones, severe abdominal trauma and a stroke that affected the right side of her body, and was flown to St George Hospital.

Casey Kinnaird: the Sydney entrepreneur has been remembered as "bubbly and vivacious".Casey Kinnaird: the Sydney entrepreneur has been remembered as “bubbly and vivacious”. Photo: leagueofextraordinarywomen.com.au

She was put into an induced coma, and on Monday, her family were given 15 minutes to decide whether to let doctors operate on her swelling brain.

“We had 15 minutes to make a decision as to whether we would operate to save her life. If we saved her life then she would be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life,” Jevada Kinnaird said.

“If anyone knew Casey, everything happens for a reason and we know she would not have wanted to be in a vegetative state.”

Casey Kinnaird was training for her second Ironman Challenge.Casey Kinnaird was training for her second Ironman Challenge. Photo: leagueofextraordinarywomen.com.au

Casey Kinnaird was born in Whanganui, New Zealand, before she moved to Sydney at the age of 18.

She got married in 2004 and was living with her husband, Matty, in Cronulla in Sydney’s south.

She founded financial services company Bespoke Advisory Services and had recently been named the NSW Crusader for the entrepreneurial support group League of Extraordinary Women.

“Casey was very giving, very generous, and always contributing towards the League,” the group’s general manager, Chiquita Searle, said.

“Casey’s one of those people that you speak to and just her energy and spirit comes through the phone.”

Ms Searle said Ms Kinnaird had thrown herself into her role as an ambassador for female entrepreneurs and was planning to use shared office space company Hub Australia to help women run their businesses from home this year.

Ms Searle said Ms Kinnaird was “fuelled by a passion to help people”, and was extremely humbled after she travelled to Cambodia to help build shelters for the homeless late last year.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ms Kinnaird’s life support was turned off and her organs were donated, including her heart valves, which will be transplanted into sick children.

Her parents, two sisters and their partners and children will take her body back to New Zealand, where she will be cremated.

They will return to Cronulla to scatter her ashes in a memorial service on February 6.

“We want to be able to give back to Casey’s friends and family in Sydney and to ensure everybody can join us and celebrate her life,” Jevada Kinnaird said.

“We’re just really appreciative of lots of people for their support and we know that Casey’s touched a lot of people’s lives and we just want to thank everyone.”

She said the family had spoken to the driver involved in the crash, and thanked him for staying with the victim until paramedics arrived.

“There was never any ill feeling. It wasn’t his fault at all. We’ve made peace with him.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/entrepreneur-casey-kinnaird-killed-training–for-ironman-challenge-20140115-30tu0.html#ixzz2qTxSioBK

Tish Shelton Aims High in First Pro Season

Krivs Studio Blog

Newly minted physique pro Tish Shelton has lofty goals in mind for her first season in the IFBB ranks—namely earning a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the Olympia next fall. Challenging expectations to be sure but certainly legitimate considering the rising star from Mobile, Alabama brings a notable and striking package to the stage.

In fact, we just discussed a coterie of contenders for the upcoming season in the previous post that could have easily included the steely 5-foot-1, 125-pound powerhouse and reigning NPC North Americans short class champion. Pro physique continues to be intriguing with newcomers like Rikki Smead, Erica Blockman, Tracy Weller and Tish Shelton all joining the mix this year.

Following Tish’s dazzling, pro card-winning routine, highlights from a contest shape debut shoot in Pittsburgh, Pa. last summer feature a tantalizing combination of sinewy and sinuous. Tish’s tremendous development is on display—wide, detailed back

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The Grain Brain

The Grain Brain

Most new research talks about how carbohydrates like wheat, flour, and sugar are bad for you. Bad for your waistline, energy levels, and heart health.

However, in his new book, Grain Brain, Dr, David Perlmutter discusses the relationship between carbohydrates and the brain. Dr. Perlmutter uses detailed evidence to support his hypothesis that carbs are destroying your brain.

From the start of the book, Dr. Perlmutter gets to the point by stating, “Brain disease can be largely prevented through the choices you make in life.” Our modern society has moved from using food to maintain a healthy body to using medicine to fix a broken one. This thinking is flawed and ineffective, and we are encountering more illnesses that cannot be fixed or cured, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Also, the foods we consume today, including grains, are not the same foods we were consuming 70 years ago. Our bodies are ill-equipped to process things like flour, sugar, low-fat foods, and mostly anything processed. According to Dr. Perlmutter, most of what we are told to eat is grossly flawed. Our brains need good fats and cholesterol to survive. Take the fat out of our diets and the brain muscle starts losing its strength.

Dr. Perlmutter describes many patients he has seen who have come to him with various brain-related issues who, after cutting carbs out of their diets, have seen a dramatic change in their bodies.

This book is ideal for those who have an interest in maintaining a healthy body, fixing a “broken” one with diet and healthy habits, or those who are curious about what carbohydrates do to the brain.

A view of my other side , my new blog “Facing The Absurd”

Besides living life hardcore I also try very hard to use the brain that I have in my head. This means that I first have to shut up and open my ears and eyes. You can’t learn when you are too busy blabbering on and on. They say the empty can rattles the most.

Reading is great and everyone should make it a daily priority. But you have to read the right things. You won’t do well reading anything that is biased. For example, I have mentioned before that there are supplements that you can buy that advertisers promise will do wonders. They supe your head up and you pay a lot of money for pretty much as slick ad campaign. If you read the right things  you may learn that these supplements don’t do anything.

This goes for everything else, politics,religion , salt water fishing vs. fresh water, you get my point.

I have also mentioned about things like foods that are genetically modified ( in fact I am the self-proclaimed Non-GMO Firefighter ) as well as Fukushima and its vast swath of radiation now hitting California and its effects on fish and subsequently how that effects our health. Another health topic that I posted was about was that spray can oils for cooking contain dimethyl silicon and an “anti-foaming agent”. And one last topic that comes to mind is the serious plight on our worldwide fish supply in over fishing and of course pollution from heavy metals like the highly poisonous mercury that is in almost every fish we eat.

So as you can see, I have used this blog to take some serious matters to mention if not for just pure health reasons but to also spread the word that we have some important issues to discuss.

As some of you may know I have interests in many things and I think it is my prerogative to learn about the world around me no matter how complex and down right dirty it can be. I decided to go forth and start another blog that is not fitness related but more of a political science/economic type forum. This is where I collect the never-ending stream of information that I peruse.

I am not trying to sway opinions, just share information.

I’m just trying to join forces with anyone who likes to think for themselves and in true Hardcore fashion go against the grain. I really get nothing from the mainstream media and I certainly don’t believe anything a politician says so I access other news outlets that are thankfully all over the internet.

If you don’t think for yourself then someone will think for you.

If you are interested here’s my new blog.


Inspired by friends whose blogs I read often (you know who you guys are) and I may reblog from more often now that I have Facing The Absurd up and running.

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