C9 – T11 2.0 All aboard the hype train

Once again the hype train has come to town looking to take you away on another wasteful spending spree for the next miracle in a pill.

Be on the look out and stay off the tracks because it will run you down!

This time it is the “new” supplement called C9-T11 2.0 This supplement promises a 700% muscle gain.  ( When you see outrageous claims like this, beware)

C9 – T11 2.0 ????? Ok what the hell is this? And how does it promise 700% muscle gain? Based on what studies?

It turns out it is not “new”. Just new marketing hype, thats all.What this strange named supplement really is, is CLA Conjugated linoleic acids  which is a regular old supplement that has been around forever and has hardly proved itself in the real world. Studies do show that CLA can help put on some muscle but only in studies, like I said , in the real world , not so much.

Usually the vast majority of us need to fix our diets, workout routines and our recovery before even thinking any supplements will help. Adding in a supplement, even one that is proven to work will not do jack if your diet sucks and you are not following a proper routine. Also if you are working, going to school, raising kids and training hard and not sleeping enough there is no way to build muscle because you only grow when you get sleep. You have to sleep well too.

Don’t fall for the slick marketing.

Don’t buy it. It will do nothing.


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