Keeping A Workout Log is Smart. Fitness Apps

I don’t care if you think you look corny or goofey or whatever when you’re walking around the gym with a little notebook and you are writing down all your reps and weights. So what if some  dude is sneering and making jokes. Screw them! Do it anyway.Why? Simple. If you really take your workouts seriously you have to be able to keep track of your training.  By not logging your workouts it’s like driving across the United States without a map, sure you’ll get there but it will take a lot longer.You may think that you can remember where you started and what you did a week or two before but after a few months you won’t remember jack and that will come back to haunt you. Since you are planning on training for the rest of your life (you are , aren’t you?) you will need to reference all sorts of details that you will not remember unless they are jotted down in your notebook.One thing is for certain your time is valuable and you want to benefit the most from your training. By keeping an account of your workouts you will make sure that you are progressing. You always want to be adding weight, getting faster or whatever.

Let’s say you are bench pressing and for your last set @ 230 lb you miss your target rep range by one measly rep. Then you have an action packed week and by the time you come back to the bench again you don’t remember that you missed by 1 rep. You also don’t remember that you added 2.5 lb plates onto the bar. So this week you just do 225 lb. instead and then make your rep range. You think you got stronger but you’re not sure because you don’t remember what you did. Meanwhile if you had a log book you would have seen that you almost had 230 lbs. but missed it by 1 rep. If you saw this you would have loaded the bar with the 230 instead of the 225 and went for it! And you probably would have gotten it too. So you missed out and you’re not progressing.

When keeping a log book all the little details are right there for you. It is all useful information. If you want you can even add other notes like what you ate before your workout, how much sleep you had and whether or not it was quality sleep, if you are stressed, how much water you drank, what the weather is like , so on and so forth.

If you are a little self conscious because not many people are walking around with a notebook just suck it up. Before long you will be moving punishing amounts of weight while the jokers are still toying around with the same weight they were lifting 6 months ago. If you are still not buying my motivational shpeel then you should ask yourself why you are so concerned about what other people think of you anyway. That I will deal with in another post.

In the meantime, I am trying to get you to keep a vigilant track of your training so here’s a little secret for ya if you don’t want to carry a note pad……use your phone. Everyone will just think your Mr. or Mrs. Popular and sending text messages to your friends.

You can either just use a notebook function that is already in your phones TOOLS or you can download one of these Apps I highlighted below.

I don’t use a smart phone so I’m not using any of these so if anyone has any input on these apps then let us know what you think. Thanks!

“The obstacle is the path”

Keep Track Of Your Workouts And Train Hardcore with these Fitness Apps

#1 RunKeeper – A GPS-based app that keeps track of your run, ride, or walking path, providing time, distance, average speed, and more. A great motivational and informative app that can help you analyze and track your progress from your iPhone. It’s like having a coach with you every step of the way.

#2 iFitness – Choose workouts for overall fitness or to target specific muscle groups. You can even create your own special workout and it will keep a record for future use. It’s like having a personal trainer on your iPad.

#3 aSleep Classic -Sleeping is part of your training, it’s when your muscles grow. This app  provides music to create the perfect setting for you to relax for stress management, meditate, do a yoga session, or just help you get to sleep. A portable chill out zone wherever you go.

#4 FoodSwitch – Just like sleep, your nutrition is part of your training too. You can’t grow unless you are shoveling in the right nutrition. This is a camera-based app that can read food product bar codes to inform you of nutritional content as well as providing healthier options for you to choose from. It really takes the confusion out of food labels. Your personal dietitian at the supermarket.

#5 Yoga Stretch – Stretching and core strength are  important for your well-being, affecting everything from posture to digestion. Yoga Stretch app will take you through a session of your choice for both intensity and time. A yoga class ready when you are.

#6 Ready, Set, Run! – Another running based training app that lets you set a goal and then helps you achieve it by tailoring a program for your level of experience and needs. A motivation coach in your pocket.

#7 Chinese Health Massage – We can’t all have a masseuse at our beck and call, but we can help speed up our recovery with simple stretching and self massaging techniques, like an old swimming trick of using a tennis ball against a wall to ease the tension in your back and shoulders. The Chinese Health Massage app shows you simple ways to relieve tension in key stress areas like neck and upper back.

#8 iMuscle – An incredible app that helps you understand the mechanics of the body so you can choose better exercises and have more effective workouts. Use your iPad to find all those detailed muscle groups.

#9 Upbeat Workouts for Runners – A music-picking app that matches the beat of the song to your running stride to make workouts more fun and keep you in rhythm. A personal iPhone based “DJ-workout motivator” for every step


4 thoughts on “Keeping A Workout Log is Smart. Fitness Apps

  1. The workout log is one of the most overlooked aspect of training. You need to keep track of your training weight so that you can know when its time to move up the weight.

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