A view of my other side , my new blog “Facing The Absurd”

Besides living life hardcore I also try very hard to use the brain that I have in my head. This means that I first have to shut up and open my ears and eyes. You can’t learn when you are too busy blabbering on and on. They say the empty can rattles the most.

Reading is great and everyone should make it a daily priority. But you have to read the right things. You won’t do well reading anything that is biased. For example, I have mentioned before that there are supplements that you can buy that advertisers promise will do wonders. They supe your head up and you pay a lot of money for pretty much as slick ad campaign. If you read the right things  you may learn that these supplements don’t do anything.

This goes for everything else, politics,religion , salt water fishing vs. fresh water, you get my point.

I have also mentioned about things like foods that are genetically modified ( in fact I am the self-proclaimed Non-GMO Firefighter ) as well as Fukushima and its vast swath of radiation now hitting California and its effects on fish and subsequently how that effects our health. Another health topic that I posted was about was that spray can oils for cooking contain dimethyl silicon and an “anti-foaming agent”. And one last topic that comes to mind is the serious plight on our worldwide fish supply in over fishing and of course pollution from heavy metals like the highly poisonous mercury that is in almost every fish we eat.

So as you can see, I have used this blog to take some serious matters to mention if not for just pure health reasons but to also spread the word that we have some important issues to discuss.

As some of you may know I have interests in many things and I think it is my prerogative to learn about the world around me no matter how complex and down right dirty it can be. I decided to go forth and start another blog that is not fitness related but more of a political science/economic type forum. This is where I collect the never-ending stream of information that I peruse.

I am not trying to sway opinions, just share information.

I’m just trying to join forces with anyone who likes to think for themselves and in true Hardcore fashion go against the grain. I really get nothing from the mainstream media and I certainly don’t believe anything a politician says so I access other news outlets that are thankfully all over the internet.

If you don’t think for yourself then someone will think for you.

If you are interested here’s my new blog.


Inspired by friends whose blogs I read often (you know who you guys are) and I may reblog from more often now that I have Facing The Absurd up and running.

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7 thoughts on “A view of my other side , my new blog “Facing The Absurd”

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