The Grain Brain

The Grain Brain

Most new research talks about how carbohydrates like wheat, flour, and sugar are bad for you. Bad for your waistline, energy levels, and heart health.

However, in his new book, Grain Brain, Dr, David Perlmutter discusses the relationship between carbohydrates and the brain. Dr. Perlmutter uses detailed evidence to support his hypothesis that carbs are destroying your brain.

From the start of the book, Dr. Perlmutter gets to the point by stating, “Brain disease can be largely prevented through the choices you make in life.” Our modern society has moved from using food to maintain a healthy body to using medicine to fix a broken one. This thinking is flawed and ineffective, and we are encountering more illnesses that cannot be fixed or cured, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Also, the foods we consume today, including grains, are not the same foods we were consuming 70 years ago. Our bodies are ill-equipped to process things like flour, sugar, low-fat foods, and mostly anything processed. According to Dr. Perlmutter, most of what we are told to eat is grossly flawed. Our brains need good fats and cholesterol to survive. Take the fat out of our diets and the brain muscle starts losing its strength.

Dr. Perlmutter describes many patients he has seen who have come to him with various brain-related issues who, after cutting carbs out of their diets, have seen a dramatic change in their bodies.

This book is ideal for those who have an interest in maintaining a healthy body, fixing a “broken” one with diet and healthy habits, or those who are curious about what carbohydrates do to the brain.


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