Protein shake rundown

Not all protein shakes are made the same. Some or most are just plain garbage. Nothing replaces real food it’s that simple. With proper planning you can ensure that you have adequate protein going into your pie hole with no problem. So do that!

You can boil up a dozen or two eggs and eat the whites (yolks too if you want) as high protein snacks. Have two table spoons of peanut butter with them and maybe an apple. Good stuff buddies! Just take it from there. Cook up extra chicken breast or make sure you have a rotessiere (or however you spell it) chicken from the supermarket on hand.

Once your eating good wholesome food with about 50 to 60 grams of protein per serving then you can add in some protein shakes. Remember a protein shake is just a step up from worthless so don’t put much stock in them but if you sneak em in throughout the day you can get some extra protein in.

Now I’m a big fan of quantity and quality. Eat a lot and eat the best! So looking around on the internet I was able to dig up some info and here is a nice chart to give you the rundown of the best to worst of some of the available powders on the market. The first on the list is the very best I can find yet it was more expensive too. Usually when it comes to food good quality is more money. I ordered the Now Foods brand at $ 107 dollars for a 10 lb bag that delivers 142 servings at 25 grams per serving (the one in the chart is a smaller container). Oh , I actually ordered two bags, vanilla and chocolate. So don’t ask me for any money cause it’s all in protein powders now.

The chart spells it out. The brand, the protein, servings and the actual percentage of protein of what the company claims (thats the important one). So as you can see the Now Foods brand was tested by real science (not me in my basement) and this is the most protein actually found in the bag.


As I was doing my research which took me what felt like years but was really a matter of days I saw and read all kinds of studies,surveys, and charts and graphs. Some of this stuff I saved ……but others I lost or forgot to save. I thankfully had some notes jotted down on a piece of paper and they were taken from another chart I found which gave me the idea for the chart above. This group had tested other proteins and this is what they had;

Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey

My Protein Impact Whey

Isopure Low Carb

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100 % Whey (# 3 on chart above, #4 here)

Now Foods Whey Protein Isolate Pure ( Notice that this one is 5th best on this chart as opposed to the chart above.)

So the Now Foods brand is either #1 or # 5

I went with the Now Foods brand because it showed up on two charts in the top 5, I would go with the Optimum brand as well for the same reason. Maybe I’ll try the Optimum another time.





2 thoughts on “Protein shake rundown

  1. great info. I like the Body Fortress SA whey. its under $.50 per serving and doesn’t taste bad. if it’s 74% protein, I’m still getting 22.7 g of protein in one serving, right? plus it has creatine.

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