Missing person report

That missing person would be me. I guess I have been absent from the blog for a good long while and I hope you guys didn’t forget about me.

So where have I been? Nowhere special , just working and loving life with my daughter who just turned one recently. I have been training as usual. Weights and lots of cardio and following a really strict diet which is harder than doing squats with both legs tied behind your back. The dieting is structured to burn fat but retain muscle. I eat to get full but I have to constantly make sure I do not over eat. The downside is that my gains are very slow to non- existant but the upside is that I have dropped a few % of body fat around the abs and I now have a visible 6 pack.

Besides weight training I have also been training hard at the fire dept. Between the two and my daughter and the rest of my family responsibilities I haven’t seen the screen of my lap top much. The only time I did get was reserved for following up on reading about the worst man that I have ever come to know, Governor Chris Christie.

If you are from Jersey you should already know that this guy is not a good governor but a typical self-interested politician who use lies, bullying and divisive tactics in an attempt to push forward an agenda that was developed not by him but by the “King Maker” Norcross down in south Jersey.

Why has Chris Christie taken up all my time to keep me away from my precious blog you ask?

He has spent his entire time as governor lying to the public about how public sector workers, firefighters,cops and teachers are shafting the tax payer.

But wait there’s more! I am also someone who lives “down the shore” and have lots of friends who were smashed hard by hurricane Sandy. These friends of mine who are non-union private sector workers by the way are pissed because Christie is not doing what he promised to “restore the shore”.

Also this joke of a governor is involved in “bridge gate” and many other ridiculous things that I can go on and on here. But that is not this kind of blog. I do have a blog for that sort of thing though. It’s called “Facing The Absurd”.

Now getting back to fitness , which Christie knows nothing about………

I intend on getting back to writing more for anyone willing on reading.


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