Scott Jorgensen is just another one of many hardcore individuals on the MMA circuit. I love watching his fights as he is such a pro it really is inspiring. Anyone with the confidence to fight is ranked high up there on the hardcore charts. I wouldn’t say I am a fan of MMA but I am more a fan of any individual who can partake in it.


Here is Scott showing us his orange gatorade tounge. He also has some pretty good art work going on. tattoos aren’t for everybody but even if you never would get a tattoo you still may look at them on other people. Scott also has vitiligo which is a skin disorder that makes you lose the pigment in your skin.

Earlier in his career he looked like this….

So slowly but surely his pigmentation loss increased….

Shit happens right? Well as you can imagine a lot of people have vitiligo and for many of these people they are very self conscious about it. It appears though that Scott could care less. He showed up for fight after fight and got right there on TV for everyone to see.

Right now he has 15 wins and 10 losses. So he does well in the ring. He is an inspirational being and someone we should be glad is around. He has what it takes to rule the world.








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