The Power of Confidence

Without confidence in ourselves, others will lack confidence in us as well. Having confidence  and really believing in yourself is probably one of the most important traits you can have. It will move mountains when you need it. If you are around long enough and you display a confident attitude you will be known for it. Others will search you out because they know that your confidence is a strong quality that they can rely on. If you make a mistake you will be confident enough to admit your mistake and look right in the eye of anyone looking to take advantage of your mistake. You tell them ” I made a mistake, and I intend on doing it right the next time”. How can they say anything negative about that? Because they make mistakes too, we all do! So this is the honesty that comes with confidence. It’s worth its weight in gold. People will also consider you truthful and trust worthy. See where this going? Confidence will be the core and the rest of it will fit right into place.

Will there be doubt sometimes? Of course there will. Especially when you try something new. But what shows confidence more than jumping up and being the first to say ” I will try that right now, I think I can do it”. Even if you fail the first time it doesn’t matter. The point is that you were confident enough to get up in front of everyone and try it. If you don’t do well the first time it doesn’t matter because you will try it again. Your confident that you will succeed even if you fail many times beforehand .

Sometimes it’s that moment of hesitation that really screws you up anyway. Where you lose your confidence and then the doubt sinks in. What happens next? That little whisper in your head gets louder and becomes a distraction. Your doubt may even become fear and the fear physically immobilizes you. Instead of success you fail. If you can realize this now , it will save you on lost opportunities in the future. It will also become easier and easier as you go.

If you think about it it’s a little bit of aggression mixed with a whole lot of will power and sprinkled with a bit of curiosity to see how far you can push yourself. The feeling can become intoxicating and liberating. You will actually begin to like the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and you will enjoy the rush and the feeling of excitement .  Being afraid you will fail or look stupid or anything else will disappear and you will believe in yourself. It’s the closest anyone can feel to being invincible.

Ways of being more confident are; do what you want to do. Make a plan and stick to it. Do not listen to naysayers. This will set the tone for the rest of your endeavours. That’s all I’m really going to say about that. If you really want tips or step by step instructions there are shit tons of articles on-line to read from. But you are wasting your time me thinks because what you really gotta do is just say “Fuck it! I’m doing this” and just go ahead and do what you gotta do! Man up or woman up.  It will be downright impressive and you will be enthralled afterward. You may even have trouble going to sleep later that night.

Now what I am telling you is from my own trials and tribulations throughout my life. If you are younger and just getting out into the world and making your own place in life you may be burdened with serious doubts of your abilities. I was there. I would say back in my day it was 50/50 for me. I showed some confidence but I also held back quite often too. I felt the fearful pause that would set me back . But then I would have the confidence to get back in there and go for it again. Look, you may have to just do it the way I did and it will eventually come together. But I think back and realize I could have used some strong motivation back in the day. If I can help you with that right now then I am very happy to assist. You are young and you know it and its a goddamn good feeling. Embrace that shit and dive right into life.

Now if you are older than guess what? You really got it going on! Something special comes with some age. It’s the attitude that only experience can develop. You know what it feels like to make an error. To get burned once or twice. To have tasted defeat. If its popular opinion your worried about when you are young something magical takes place as you get older. You start to say, ” Hey I know whats right and what I need to do”. You no longer care as much about what others think. You are still going to be surrounded by naysayers and arm-chair quarterbacks who will try to hack you to death just to try to stuff you in a hole. But you see right through the thin veil they hide behind. These are people who have not grown up, have no confidence and are ultimately jealous of the fact that you have the will to reach for the stars and not be held back by negative thinking. Instead of being angry for their lack of support you instead will feel sorry for slight personality disorder.

Overall whether you are young, middle-aged or older , confidence is the right thing to have. If you make it a point and a central core value in your life and keep it simple, you will go much further than you ever had dreamed. One day , I will have this talk with my daughter. I will tell her to be confident in who she is and never allow anyone to say she can’t do anything. I will explain that failure is part of life and it is also part of the process in reaching your goals. That her confidence in herself will attract  those that are confident themselves and great relationships full of love and admiration will spring forth from it. Any failure that comes from learning and trying to do anything will be nothing, a mere speck of dirt that is easily flicked away. That her confidence will support others in her life and if she were to make a mistake that those people will support her with their love.

Like I said…….. INVINCIBLE!



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