What I see wrong about paleo diet. Just another opinion.

What I see wrong about the Paleo Diet. Basically I have read that you can eat many things that are more or less unhealthy.

Bacon,sausage,light mayo,too much red meat.

Bacon is high fat and full of nitrates. Nitrates are not good for your body because……

I will on occasion eat some bacon but maybe once every six months to a year.

Sausage is basically all garbage. The majority of it it fat and any meat in it is the scraps left behind that no one would even think of eating if left that way. They stuff this scrap meat and fat into a casing which is intestinal material from the animal. Of course they add some spices and don’t forget the salt!!! The salt levels are so high I get dried out just thinking about it.

Mayo is not good to eat because 1) it’s processed and 2) the loads of oil they use to make it is low-grade. Sure , there are egg whites but they don’t buy chicken eggs and then hard boil them then let them cool then peel them and then separate the white from the yoke and throw away the yolk. That would cost too much and take too long with way too many added steps. Remember, the company is selling this stuff to a worldwide market! The egg whites are powdered and they add real cheap oil to it and salt. Why pay money for crap when you can get better stuff like humus to spread on your sandwich?

Red meat is ok but I think it is something you have to limit in your diet. That is because your body has a tough time digesting red meat. Small portions of red meat can be eaten with large portions of salad and steamed or even better raw veggies that will help as roughage and aid in the digestive process.

The Paleo Diet has these allowances that are akin to the Atkins Diet. We can all see that the Atkins Diet is over and done with now, obviously another diet fad. I think the Paleo diet is  better than the Atkins Diet though but it should be modified to eliminate the above said items to make it healthier.


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