Is meal timing worthless or beneficial?

I had an opportunity to talk to a very jacked and successful bodybuilder and trainer who is known for having a great program to get all the meat heads, well, meatier….

I asked him if running a diet where the first 4 meals of the day should be protein carb and the last two meals should be protein fat. Does eating this way allow beneficial insulin spikes throughout the day and decrease the spikes before bedtime?

Not only did he answer me but he brought up scientific research on his tablet like he was drawing a six shooter at the OK corral. This is his answer pretty much verbatim ( I wrote down what he said in my notepad) and I included the links…

“You can have your fats whenever you want – including postworkout.

Here is a study where the individuals were given 165g of total fats postworkout, it made no difference whatsoever to glycogen resynthesis rates compared to the lower fat group when measurements were taken the next day:

Adding fat calories to meals after exercise does not alter glucose … – PubMed – NCBI

As for the insulin spiking BULLSHIT that keeps cropping up, studies have shown that insulin levels as low as 30mU/l was enough to reduce muscle protein breakdown by 50-70%. You can achieve this level by eating any sort of meal, no need to avoid fat whatsoever.
On top of this, any further increase in insulin levels did NOT prevent protein breakdown any further OR increase the anabolic signal:

Disassociation between the effects of amino acids and insulin on si… – PubMed – NCBI

Basically, there is no such thing as fat timing and, as long as your consuming some carbs around your workouts, you shouldn’t worry about “insulin spiking” or how fat may interfere with it”

The concept behind this kind of meal timing is that during the day the insulin spikes will drive nutrients into your muscle cells while you are active. Hopefully the insulin will not move anything into fat storage. But at night when you are winding down and about to go to sleep you eat fats with your protein, no carbs, thereby decreasing insulin spikes and driving less nutrients and having less of a chance of fat storage when you are finally least active.

According to this guy who makes a living getting people in the best shape of their lives, its all myth or better yet, BROSCIENCE.

Over 20 years ago I was clueless about how to eat to actually build muscle. Someone handed me a diet manual called “Parello Performance” . Every meal was a protein/fat,carb meal based on clean high caloric consumption. It worked wonders for me by adding 15-20 lbs of weight in about 4 months. The only thing that has changed is I am now older. So my body metabolizes its food less efficiently I suppose. If I eat 3400 clean calories nowadays I put on more fat than back in the day….. But ahhhh, is that the case? Is my metabolism slower?? Well I asked….

” NO! The only thing that has changed is you are probably not training as hard as when you were in your 20’s. Maybe you get injured more because your tendons have been aged, maybe your hormone levels have decreased, maybe you have more stress in your life, not enough sleep etc etc…. Maybe its a combination of all these things. Its called life!”

Its more like LIFEHARDCORE right!


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