Training intensity , eating intensity

I spent the better part of 2 years eating lean all year-long. For me that’s about 3000-3200 calories a day. I achieved abs! But I could not achieve anymore muscle growth. So I abandoned that meal plan and switched to a plan that had me take in more protein. I wanted more protein but not more calories. So by increasing protein I was also bringing up the calories . To counter act this I had to lower my fat and carbs a bit. The increased protein intake worked wonders for a while but then it stopped.

I was still lean and my muscles grew some. But after a few weeks it seemed like my workouts were lagging. I wasn’t seeing increased strength in my workout log. In fact, I saw some numbers dip! I really have no scientific explanation but I would hypothesize that cutting my carb intake was the culprit. But hey there’s other things that can cause this to happen other than diet. Not enough sleep or stress for one or two reasons can absolutely cause this drop. It’s too hard to figure out these things and I have a life right! I’m not going to sit there and dissect every facit of my life to figure out the problem. I still have to go out and live. Besides I’m not stepping on stage. I’m just living my regular normal life.

I decide after this summer that as much as my abs were so precious to me (sarcasm yes) it was time to go back to the old school. I am now on a 3500 calorie diet and eating carbs insane style! And I am loving it! I am stronger and fuller looking and feel great. I can still see some abs too. Besides eating like a beast I changed my training routine to a Reverse Pyramid and decreased my rest time between sets. You can look up the reverse pyramid as there are many articles on it.

My point?

Dont get stuck with the same old diet and workout routine. Invite change. It’s important because the same old routine becomes comfortable and it is possible that you start to slack a little bit. My diet was working but it stopped working. So I moved on. My training was going well but it became boring and I started taking longer between reps and between sets. Now my motivation is back through the roof. Crushing food and crushing the weights.!

Change is good.


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