Photo photo 010 Life Hardcore(LHXC) is a philosophy derived from the warriors code. In this forum is discussed training, mobility, recovery, rehab, anatomy, strength and conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, raw power lifting, fitness, firefighter/military/LEO training (the INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE), music , ,nutrition,motorcycles , sports,the livelyhoods of the badass,discussions of rebels who do it their way and more……basically anything that is in the realm of being hardcore.

After a decade (and many years to come) of firefighting as my profession and another two decades of  squats and deadlifts as my recreation it’s very clear to me that my life has been raw and hardcore. Some sports like mountain biking, snowboarding and dirt biking have been an integral part of my life since my youth. Other things I have tried are skydiving and rock climbing. After high school I backpacked through Europe and traveled the lower 48 states. Those who know me say I have a fire under my ass and always want to go,go,go. Personally I feel I am racing against the clock. It’s both a curse and a blessing.

I am surrounded  by hardcore individuals in the firehouse and in the gym. The two cultures can seem aggressive or extreme but in reality they are full of confidence and strength. They blend together well and I draw inspiration from both and bring it into my life. Do I do hardcore things? Yes. Am I hardcore…. I don’t know yet. But, I hope to one day  achieve 100% Hardcore-a-tude. This would be my moment of Zen.


This forum is dedicated to those who are willing to go all the way and live their lives like there is no tomorrow.

This is a salute to the hardcore individual who likes to lift raw, ride hard, and play rough.

So are the lives of many people who have taken a quiet oath to never give up and achieve success in their own right.

The hardcore come in all shapes and sizes and they have their own unique approach to life.

As you navigate along this forum you will read about all things hardcore and you will find certain traits that are in you that are shared by others that are hardcore.

Thanks for reading!

“The obstacle is the path”

hard′-core′ adj. 1. unswervingly committed; uncompromising


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Very interested take on life and the whole concept of “hardcore.” I am glad I came across this page. If you are interested, I would be interested in you writing a post for my blog (which is all about working out and bodybulding) that deals with your take on the subject and your experiences. If you are interested, please message me at JSorensen119@yahoo.com.
    I look forward to hearing from you and reading more exciting stuff on your blog

  2. Great blog. Thanks for the service to all. Fitness firefighters and good-cook firefighters are bringing a new healthy revolution to the public — I’m thinking of your Austin colleague, Rip, the Vegan Firefighter. Give a plug for adaptive fitness and fight on!

  3. I shall read your blog for more inspiration, thank you and keep the conversation going. I was not sure on the H word, but now I believe its right.

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  5. Really enjoyed your tips on fitness, my favorite was not worry about looking like a dork carrying a notebook around in the gym. That is totally me. Would you be interested in having your articles featured on our site at projectmayhembodies.com? We are getting several great fitness writers together and would love to have you join as well. If you are interested give me an email back at kcsportsninja@gmail.com

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