The Village of the hardcore

As an analogy picture yourself as a wanderer through life. Sometimes trekking over land you must cross through deep dark woods or over mountains. Other times you stride easily through a green prairie with the smell of sweet grass in the air. As a traveler you are not afraid to take the road less traveled or even navigate upon the water. Your journey is long hard and very eventful as you meet other travelers along the way. Every night as your feet and legs start to ache and your belly grows with hunger you come upon the next village where you will lay and rest, have some food, and learn from the villagers how they live their lives. Like you they have traveled far and wide and know that their stay is rather temporary as well.

What if a village were to exist that contained the hardcore? A place were tough salty and wise beings come together and crush it hard every day. Before you move on with your life’s journey you must stay a while to learn and to be part of the experience, sometimes extreme and impossible other times exhilarating………

As I have repeatedly stated , Life Hardcore is a blog that is about living your days here on earth as a powerful man or woman. Powerful in mind and body. Embracing the idea that you are a form of a machine that is meant to do work , to engage , to break thru barriers and rise to the next level.

This can only be done by choosing a philosophy whose hallmarks are exceptionalism, patients, control of fear, understanding of yourself and others, hard work, Commitment, You can adopt a warriors philosophy which is something that I have done or maybe something else that fits your personality better. But the idea is that every day is a great and special day that needs your attention paid to every detail. Fitness dominates this forum because it is the hard work behind being healthy and strong that teaches us the most primal message of being a person of great character. Developing mental toughness and clarity can be found through the bar bell or the 5 mile run. Pushing past your physical breaking point but exceeding your imagined limitations is key to understanding what striving for your best can be.

When at work always pick the hardest thing to do and be the first to jump up and offer to do it. If you are overwhelmed then seek assistance. Right off the bat you are showing that you are not lazy or afraid and most important….. humble. Do this in the gym as well. Save the easy work for after you busted your ass doing the hard stuff.  Do this every day that you can. Show commitment by never skipping a workout and by always thinking ahead at your job. If you stand tall when everyone else is cowering you will become a leader. Whether you see yourself as a leader or not is unimportant. What is important is how those around you see you. If you are a leader to them then so be it.



In the World of ” Fitness Gurus ” and dietary advice around every corner, it is difficult to know what is right and wrong,
And there is a lot wrong. There are many sources of information out there that pump out BS that is
nicely filled out with small truths to sound more convincing. This is a classic advertising trick that
has been used throughout the ages, with great success also.

The bitter truth is that exercise and diet is SIMPLE, however it requires a lot of work and effort,
something that does not sell well nor sound very appealing to the “I want it easy crowd”.
“This is hard work” will never be used as advertising slogans to the crowd.
There is no miracle cure, secret trick or shortcut to getting in shape.

The purpose of this site is to discuss diet and training that WORKS for the long term.
You will find no abundance of superlatives here. No shortcuts. No miracle. No fabrications.
Only proven methods that work  for both amateurs and athletes at the elite level.


LIFE can be HARD to the CORE so you gotta live Life Hardcore

“The Obstacle Is The Path”




hard′-core′ adj. 1. unswervingly committed; uncompromising

What is Life Hardcore? 

Life Hardcore is many things.

It is a reference for mainly unbiased knowledge on fitness and nutrition and within those aspects the need of both in the fields of firefighting,law enforcement, military and those who want to kick ass in life.

It is a forum where those who see things similarly can come together to learn and talk about training and network.

It is a mindset or philosophy that focuses on setting goals and intensely attacking them with tenacity. It is a physical prowess of muscularity achieved through strength training instead of aesthetic or vanity training. It is a community that welcomes all with support and kind words. Life Hardcore is an idea put into your mind that you have the ability to be great, but you first need to believe it and then work for it.

What isn’t Life Hardcore? 

Life Hardcore is not based on a  “better than thou” belief. My way is not the best. If I do not say it right , it does not mean that it’s wrong either.

Life Hardcore isn’t here to accept the “I Can’ts” or the “it’s too hard” crowed. It’s also not here to show you the easy way to doing something. Life can be hard, there are no shortcuts worthwhile.

What is the Life Hardcore Program?

There isn’t one. I follow programs from well-known athletes. I have a few favorites, just ask me and I will share. I can just tell you what works for me.  Life Hardcore aims to teach those if they are new or “shoot the shit” with those who have been around. I want to discuss the fundamental information of strength and conditioning instead of stock programs that people follow without question.

The Warrior Philosophy

I started Life Hardcore after reading the Warrior Philosophy or Code. Anyone who follows this philosophy is absolutely hardcore in my book.

It’s the very philosophy I try to incorporate into my life. I say try because I’m human and sometimes I make mistakes. To develop these attributes over time I need to constantly remind myself of them and rehearse them as often as possible.

By doing this you become very aware of yourself and guess what……you have to be honest with yourself. That’s something that can be very hard to do. Life is about experiencing the journey and sharing in its brilliance , I choose to dig deep  and feel the raw energy that comes from being a man and a human.

Being a firefighter doesn’t really make me a warrior. Lifting weights doesn’t either. But following this philosophy may one day make me a true warrior and one step closer to 100% Hardcore-a-tude.Oh and btw….following this philosophy is guaranteed to add 10 lbs. to your deadlift.

Warrior PhilosophyThroughout history there have been many philosophies developed to regulate the behaviour of those within society deemed warriors. The more well known of these philosophies are the codes of Chivalry from Europe and Bushido from Japan.  Many have been influenced by the social mores of the culture in which these warriors lived. Through most, though, run a common core of attributes that define how a warrior is expected to live his/her life.

The Way of the Modern Warrior follows these attributes :

COURAGE __ The warrior faces his or her fears. There are many things we are afraid of; fear of failure, fear of looking a fool, fear of getting hurt. Well, that is natural- but, the warrior has to learn to acknowledge that he/she is feeling fear because that is all it is, a feeling. Recognise where the feeling is coming from and why and then it is possible to overcome the fear. We can then face the challenges of life and do those things we would wish to.

HONESTY __ The warrior is honest in all he/she does. Honest with others and, most importantly, honest with his/herself. In dealing with others always do so in the spirit of truth – the idea of things as they truly are- as there is no value in fooling others (yes, the little white lie is still acceptable in the right circumstances, which leads us to the next attribute).

COMPASSION __ The warrior has an open heart. He/she helps others at every opportunity. The warrior considers the idea of hurting others needlessly abominable.

COURTESY __ The warrior has respect for others. In his/her dealings with people the warrior exhibits politeness and regard for others. This applies to all the warrior comes in contact with; whether friend, enemy or stranger.

SINCERITY __ The warrior is sincere in all he/she does and says. He/she will endeavour to keep any promise given. Any act that the warrior says he/she will do, will be done. Speaking and doing are the same action.

LOYALTY __ The warrior is intensely loyal to those in  his/her care. The warrior remains true to those that depend on him/her. The only exceptions being those that would cause the warrior to give up the next, and last, attribute.

HONOUR __ The warrior is always conscious of his/her honour. How a warrior behaves is a reflection of who he/she is. The other attributes are the actions that allow the warrior to have honour, it is the state that defines the warrior. No warrior would allow his/herself to be involved in anything that would bring dishonour on his/herself.