Missing person report

That missing person would be me. I guess I have been absent from the blog for a good long while and I hope you guys didn’t forget about me.

So where have I been? Nowhere special , just working and loving life with my daughter who just turned one recently. I have been training as usual. Weights and lots of cardio and following a really strict diet which is harder than doing squats with both legs tied behind your back. The dieting is structured to burn fat but retain muscle. I eat to get full but I have to constantly make sure I do not over eat. The downside is that my gains are very slow to non- existant but the upside is that I have dropped a few % of body fat around the abs and I now have a visible 6 pack.

Besides weight training I have also been training hard at the fire dept. Between the two and my daughter and the rest of my family responsibilities I haven’t seen the screen of my lap top much. The only time I did get was reserved for following up on reading about the worst man that I have ever come to know, Governor Chris Christie.

If you are from Jersey you should already know that this guy is not a good governor but a typical self-interested politician who use lies, bullying and divisive tactics in an attempt to push forward an agenda that was developed not by him but by the “King Maker” Norcross down in south Jersey.

Why has Chris Christie taken up all my time to keep me away from my precious blog you ask?

He has spent his entire time as governor lying to the public about how public sector workers, firefighters,cops and teachers are shafting the tax payer.

But wait there’s more! I am also someone who lives “down the shore” and have lots of friends who were smashed hard by hurricane Sandy. These friends of mine who are non-union private sector workers by the way are pissed because Christie is not doing what he promised to “restore the shore”.

Also this joke of a governor is involved in “bridge gate” and many other ridiculous things that I can go on and on here. But that is not this kind of blog. I do have a blog for that sort of thing though. It’s called “Facing The Absurd”.

Now getting back to fitness , which Christie knows nothing about………

I intend on getting back to writing more for anyone willing on reading.

Having A Purpose, Lifelong Hardcore

Lets look at things from a better perspective. Right now you have the elite athletes of the world, they do what ever they do, Baseball,football, powerlifting etc.

Then you have your amateur athletes. They have a few endorsements from smaller companies and can actually turn out a living.  they are aspiring to greater things. They are know very well as potential elite pro athletes.

Then you have our younger athletes who are in high school and college. At the very least their athleticism can bring them school pride and even a good scholarship.

But what about the rest of us. Working one or two jobs,taking care of a family, and then trying to get in a 20 or 30 min workout to top the day off. How about the small business owner who works 80 hours a week and goes to the gym at 4 or 5 in the morning?

Now when it comes to your pros, amateurs and even college level athletes they all have something big on the line and there is pressure to succeed because if they don’t then they lose big money,endorsements , scholarships, and celebrity status.

But when us regular folk get hurt we can’t train either…can’t go food shopping can’t take care of our kids…etc.

And what of the industrial athlete? Firefighters, police, military, EMS, construction workers etc.

So  isn’t this whole thing upside down,

Creation of a community

Right now the world pulls for people to not bother trying to get healthy … to stay on the couch and eat the unhealthy food advertised in media.  Yet there is plenty of information about ways to get moving, how much to exercise, and ways to improve your over-all health.  What is lacking are people coming together to support each other in creating exercise, fitness, and health as a life-long habit.  This community will create a space that pulls to view everyone as athletes, no matter what their level of participation.  We will create the opportunity for more people to experience the fun, energy, and well-being that comes from being in motion.

We will help people starting out get the tools, encouragement, and answers they need to get moving.  After that, we will continue to provide support through people who already have incorporated exercise as a life-long habit helping those who are just starting out.  Just by being accountable to each other, everyone can lift up their level of committment to their habits beyond what they would accomplish by trying to go it alone.

Since the beginning

As Lifehardcore became established on the good old W W W I have found myself being inspired by others who like to train , eat, and think like me. Thank god for this because it is often because of them that I return to write more into my blog. A positive feedback loop that keeps me energized and forces me to stand fast and maintain. So now a community has formed and if you are reading this and thinking that it sounds perfect then say something. Make a point, ask a question give a shout out. Either myself or someone else who stops by from time to time will answer back.

Since the  beginning I wanted this blog to have a purpose.  I realize that to reach it ,it needs to come alive with all of you.


The Trap of thinking you are not capable of more or you are not doing enough

The Trap of Thinking You Are Not Capable of More Or You Are Not Doing Enough.

What a precarious and confusing position to be in indeed! Some of us think that we can go no further when we really can and others think they should be doing more because they can’t give themselves a break! Are you doing enough to reach your goals ? Or should you be doing more? Trying to figure this out requires a proper perspective on things.

If you are new to fitness or you have been around for a long time you should know that being “fit” is actually  normal. If you are fit then good job! You are in a small group nowadays it appears. But, We are supposed to be fit . Things like running and jumping and lifting weight are what we were put on earth to do. In modern-day life the act of exercising has replaced good old-fashioned hard physical labor. The kind of labor like hunting and farming and building our homes in the forest and defending our land or our families from bears and wolves.

My 1st thought is, if I were a caveman would I be physically capable to survive? I know that mentally I probably am not. Modern living has really made me cushy in that department! But physically I think that I can survive because I work out and my body is capable of handling the stress. By today’s standards people who work out and eat right are said to be in good shape. But, by caveman day standards I would be normal. If I was anything less , I would be dead. I would not survive that kind of world.

So it appears that perspective is very important. If you are out of shape and live a sedentary lifestyle  then you may feel that it’s normal. When you look at a person who trains 3 times per week and has some decent muscle tone you may say that they are in “good shape” meaning better than normal. This shift in perspective is dangerous because we can get caught in continually setting the bar lower and lower. What was once sub-par becomes the new normal. Eating hot dogs and ice cream is normal , drinking soda is normal, smoking a cigarette is normal. Eating grilled chicken and drinking water is above normal, going to bed early and waking up and eating oatmeal is above normal. Working out 3 times a week is above normal. See what I’m getting at here? It’s all about perspective.

If you do not exercise even a little and you eat junk food all the time you are living an abnormal lifestyle. You need to get healthy. You need to get normal. You CAN do more.

But lookout! Many people who do train regularly and choose to eat very healthy can get caught in this same trap. I know because I have been there before! We train hard and have work and big responsibilities so we sometimes get side tracked. We miss workouts and we feel bad even though we may have been hitting it hard for weeks on end. We are our own worst critics!  Then we pick up the magazines or see someone on YouTube that is jacked beyond belief and we feel even worse. Instead of knowing who we are and where we came from we begin to compare ourselves to others. We look in the mirror and think “how come I work so hard and follow all the programs to a ” T ” and I don’t look like that. You question your own motivations and Uh Oh. Now you are in trouble!

When we want to start looking like the men and women in magazines there is going to be some serious disappointment. Unless you actually want to be a model and do the extreme things that they do to look that way, forget it! It is not reality. When you see a guy who has less than 10% body fat and huge muscles  or a woman who has a great six-pack and major muscle tone and tanned, you are seeing a snap shot in time. A brief and fleeting moment. After that photo shoot the six-pack abs start to disappear under a layer of fat. Which is normal! How do I know it’s normal you say? Because in order to look that way they had to do extreme things, not normal things. Extreme can be anything from a certain kind of diet to taking certain kinds of supplements or drugs. One example of this is the act of taking diuretics to decrease water retention and pull the skin tight against the body. This kind of behavior makes for a good photo shoot but not for a healthy lifestyle. That’s because it is not normal.

So don’t let the hype screw up your perspective! If you are committed to a regular fitness and nutrition regiment and make it a priority to be healthy then you are doing right!  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you are not capable of more (because we all are capable) or even worse that you are not doing enough (feel proud of your hard work and revel in it). You are the best judge of yourself. Speak with your trainer at the gym and ask if you are on the right track. And above all put down the muscle mags that try to suck you in and sell you things you don’t need. Train hard and live your life!

It’s alive!

0212130911 As the weather gets better I start thinking about how great it is to go out for an early morning ride. With little or no cars on the street I like to open up a little and get a little dose of speed. Even just a short ride feels great. When I get back I am usually ready to go hit the weights.

This is my Harley Sportster 1200……there are many like it but his one is mine.

Monsanto,Milk & Fox News and why I pay extra for organic milk.

I am not trying to get political or tell people what to do. In fact anything I talk about on this forum is for the love of the game. I do not want to get bogged down with debate and controversy. But since I do spend a hell of a lot of time talking about healthy diet I feel that I must share with you my    concern for the future of our food supply. This short video is probably one of the best to watch if you have never heard of the company Monsanto and its dealings with GMO & GE food and its very controversial use of rBGH or Bovine Growth Hormone in milk. This video is good because it tells the story of former FOX News employees who speak openly about something that happens very often.


Related websites:These websites can provide you with about as much data you need about Monsanto. Of course in the honor of fair journalism (although I am hardly a journalist) I have to mention that all of the links below are to groups that are against Monsanto. If you want an opposite view just Google Monsanto and you can find what you need.







How art ya?

I am fixing up my house and I was looking for inspiration online (the source of all great inspiration) for art work and what not and I came across a collaborative weblog called Sweet-station.com


Tons of stuff to look at here. Look around, it’s interesting.

Honey is the founder of the website and she also has her own page here. She seems pretty cool and she is very creative.She does some pretty cool stuff like tattooing bananas.

The world needs more creative people.