Deadlifts: Optimizing from the start

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Fred (LHXC)

The Diary of a Girly Powerlifter


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Talk to anyone about deadlifts and you’ll get a million different comments about how it should be done. There is, afterall, more than one way to skin a cat (ew). Ok, back to the point. I’m going to break down a few technique tweaks that I’ve made over time that I felt have significantly changed my deadlift start position. I’ll even do one better and tell you how and where I felt the difference.

Note: I am a conventional puller.

Basics: Your body will dictate how you pull

Starting Strength: DiagramLet’s reference the ever common Starting Strength diagram.

Notice how bar, hip, and scapula make a triangle. Everyone’s leverages are different so all the triangles will be different. The general gist is here though:

  • Weight over middle of the foot
  • Shoulder blades over bar
  • Neutral Spine (Some say arch, I don’t like this…

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