Scott Jorgensen is just another one of many hardcore individuals on the MMA circuit. I love watching his fights as he is such a pro it really is inspiring. Anyone with the confidence to fight is ranked high up there on the hardcore charts. I wouldn’t say I am a fan of MMA but I am more a fan of any individual who can partake in it.


Here is Scott showing us his orange gatorade tounge. He also has some pretty good art work going on. tattoos aren’t for everybody but even if you never would get a tattoo you still may look at them on other people. Scott also has vitiligo which is a skin disorder that makes you lose the pigment in your skin.

Earlier in his career he looked like this….

So slowly but surely his pigmentation loss increased….

Shit happens right? Well as you can imagine a lot of people have vitiligo and for many of these people they are very self conscious about it. It appears though that Scott could care less. He showed up for fight after fight and got right there on TV for everyone to see.

Right now he has 15 wins and 10 losses. So he does well in the ring. He is an inspirational being and someone we should be glad is around. He has what it takes to rule the world.








Tish Shelton Aims High in First Pro Season

Krivs Studio Blog

Newly minted physique pro Tish Shelton has lofty goals in mind for her first season in the IFBB ranks—namely earning a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the Olympia next fall. Challenging expectations to be sure but certainly legitimate considering the rising star from Mobile, Alabama brings a notable and striking package to the stage.

In fact, we just discussed a coterie of contenders for the upcoming season in the previous post that could have easily included the steely 5-foot-1, 125-pound powerhouse and reigning NPC North Americans short class champion. Pro physique continues to be intriguing with newcomers like Rikki Smead, Erica Blockman, Tracy Weller and Tish Shelton all joining the mix this year.

Following Tish’s dazzling, pro card-winning routine, highlights from a contest shape debut shoot in Pittsburgh, Pa. last summer feature a tantalizing combination of sinewy and sinuous. Tish’s tremendous development is on display—wide, detailed back

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Wes Piatt, Todays featured athlete

Firefighter, Military Airman, and CrossFit warrior Wes Piatt achieves greatness through fitness.

When the heat is on, the tough get going. Case in point: Heat-blasting firefighter and CrossFit warrior Wes Piatt is a natural-born athlete who got going early with traditional sports. He recalls, “I’ve always been active, I grew up playing football and baseball, surfing, snowboarding, and rock climbing, but never was into the gym scene.”

Piatt eventually marched his way into the gym in military boots when duty called in 2006. “I joined the military with hopes of giving back a sliver to the country that gives us so much, and I began doing the ‘normal gym thing.’” While serving two overseas tours, Piatt crossed paths with CrossFit, and lit his passion for functional training in 2009. “The crew that my crew relieved [from deployment duty] had posted papers explaining CrossFit workouts at the gym on base. My friend Rambo and I tried the ‘Filthy Fifty’ workout. I’ve never looked back.”

Looking forward, the former member of the U.S. Air Force was driven by a burning desire for two new passions— fighting fires and battling in CrossFit competitions. “When I began my transition from military life to firefighting, I took CrossFit with me. At any moment, I could be in a situation where my fitness could save my fellow brothers and sisters, a civilian, or myself. It not only prepared me physically, but I am more mentally tough than I have ever been. I can hold my composure in the worst situations and continue to work when others would fail or quit.”

While heroism is often ascribed to his past and present occupations, Piatt remains grounded— family fans his flames of motivation into an inferno as he blazes his trail toward greatnes

Christmas Abbott

Ode to the hardcore. Sometimes when I review my blog I actually get scared at how brutally hardcore it has become! With athletes like Christmas Abbott gracing it , it has to be right! Here she is, a powerful athlete with some very nice ink and also works as a member in a pit crew! Looks like she also enjoys guns! So here is a woman that will make even the most testosterone laden guy look like a powder puff next to her.

Pay close attention to the last two pics of her. The first of the two; the raw intensity on her face. Moving more pounds than her own body weight, 110% focused on the kill! Then the second pic; she nails it!!!! Look at the pure pride and joy on her face, look at her teammates reaction, so fucking in the moment! Brings a goddamn tear to my eye I tell ya.