New, never before seen leg workout.

How far can you make it through the wet cement?


Dairy Queen For Lunch? Seriously?

I’m feeling mean today so I’m gonna pick on people who would go to Dairy Queen for lunch.

How can you take a full grown man seriously when he tells you he had fried chicken strips,French fries, a soda and a sundae for lunch from Dairy Queen?

This is not what a man eats. It’s what a child eats. A mature individual man would  recognize that ice cream is kiddie crap. A man should only eat it with his girlfriend/wife when he takes her on a date or with his kids. Also if your single you best never be seen eating an ice cream cone or the ladies will shun you like a man with the plague. Also if they had even a tiny bit of maturity they would also recognize  that the fries and the chicken and the soda are also complete garbage and then go to a real restaurant and eat a steak  and wash it down with unsweetened ice tea,water or seltzer cause soda is more kid shit….. and if its Friday maybe a nice pint beer!

Grow up America……grow up.

Vintage neon Dairy Queen sign, Ottawa, Canada.

Vintage neon Dairy Queen sign, Ottawa, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Squat Secret. Using a Shovel Makes Your Squat Go Up!

paulanderson1 FBC THOUGHT OF THE DAY!!!! DO YOU SQUAT????

This guy is someone called Paul Anderson. Now I am sure he was one strong SOB in his heyday but do you see something wrong with this photo? I mean it’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

He is standing in a hole!!

Sorry but that just doesn’t cut it!

I may not be able to hold 1200 lbs as Paul here is doing but I can certainly add a shit ton of weight to a bar that I barely have to lift….C’mon!

Bro, I Puke On Leg Day!

I had this conversation with someone and I thought it was funny as hell. I am still laughing. It is pretty much verbatim.

I was talking to this guy at the fitness store near me and I mentioned that I love doing legs. Before I could finalize my thought he jumped in and said…..

“Bro….. I puke on leg day!”

“Really? You puke on leg day huh?”

“Yeah man, I go so hard that by the end I puke!”

“Really? Every time you train legs?”

“Well, not every time, but a lot.”

“Hmmm, well what are you doing wrong?”

“Wrong? I’m not doing anything wrong!”

“Oh sorry, I figured puking isn’t really something you want to do.”

“Well it’s not but it just happens.”

“Hmmm, Well it never happens to me.”

“Bro, that’s cause your not going hard enough! You gotta destroy your legs bro!”

” Oh. Ok. Then I better get with it, thanks.”

80’s Retro

I joined my first gym in the early 90’s and I remember wearing gray sweatpants and a t-shirt.

There was all these dudes walking around like in this picture. The 80’s were behind us but they were holding on for as long as they could.

A lot of them were also wearing…………FANNY PACKS…..remember that??

My baggy sweats sure made me look like a schlub but at least I didn’t look like this!!!

But in the end who cares what you wear as long as you are getting “Pumped Up”!