I miss you



This here is a bad ass little bridge that I ride over when I go mountain biking. The Six Mile Run reservation area has some extremly fun and wicked trails to sink your teeth into and there are plenty more bridges such as this one. There is a whole group of people that volunteer and take care of the trails and make the bridges !

Ride it! You’ll like it!



It’s alive!

0212130911 As the weather gets better I start thinking about how great it is to go out for an early morning ride. With little or no cars on the street I like to open up a little and get a little dose of speed. Even just a short ride feels great. When I get back I am usually ready to go hit the weights.

This is my Harley Sportster 1200……there are many like it but his one is mine.

I Miss You

Ride the trail,salt air smell,forget the world