Jeff Hanneman , great guitar player and song writer of Slayer will be sorely missed. RIP Jeff.

Rest In Peace Jeff. You lived life your way following your dream.

Italiano: Jeff Hanneman con gli Slayer al Mayh...

Italiano: Jeff Hanneman con gli Slayer al Mayhem Fest di Hartford (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I understand that not everyone likes Slayer or any kind of metal music, that’s cool. Slayer is definitely not for everyone. But believe me Slayer has a lot of fans world wide and the band has been around for over 30 years! That’s a long time to be around for, even top 40 pop bands don’t even stay around that long, so they must have been doing something right.

unfortunately , guitarist Jeff Hanneman died do to complications from a spider bite on his arm which is just unbelievably awful. He will be missed by his friends and family and his millions of fans around the world.

I have seen Slayer live many , many times , they have always put on a good show and the energy from the fans was always raw and hardcore.

Most of the time Jeff was on stage his long blond hair covered his face while he was head banging to his unique sound.

I have spent many hours listening to Slayer. Driving,hanging with friends, working out, cooking dinner, you name it. I always anticipated their next album forever in need of the next dose of adrenaline that it would deliver. It will be very hard and very strange to get used to Jeff and the rest of Slayers absence.