Climbing Video

Rock climbing video showing some pretty ballsy stuff. Good hardcore training!



It’s alive!

0212130911 As the weather gets better I start thinking about how great it is to go out for an early morning ride. With little or no cars on the street I like to open up a little and get a little dose of speed. Even just a short ride feels great. When I get back I am usually ready to go hit the weights.

This is my Harley Sportster 1200……there are many like it but his one is mine.

I Miss You

Ride the trail,salt air smell,forget the world


Early Morning ride before Hurricane Sandy

Meadow at Six Mile Run

Meadow at Six Mile Run (Photo credit: MiguelVieira)

Early morning ride at Six Mile Run. I started out when it was still dark (around 6:30) using a helmet light. I did a 15 mile loop that just kicks ass. Lots of leaves on the ground and I pushed it too hard around a turn and went down. My ankle was feeling pretty sore from the way I landed on it. I guess it was a slight sprain. It’s doing a lot better now except I tweaked it pretty good when I was fighting a fire in a house. Just gotta take care of it.


This was my second time riding here and I can’t wait to ride it again! Some seriously excellent trails. They are fun , flowy , and fast. There is also some beautiful scenery.

Forest at Six Mile Run

Forest at Six Mile Run (Photo credit: MiguelVieira)

With Hurricane Sandy coming in the weather was obviously a little strange. It was quite calm and even a little glimps of sun could be seen. But as I was loading the bike on the car for my ride home it had turned gray with some wind picking up.