On the injury list

So now I have a shoulder injury, Im thinking its from doing shoulder press on the Hammer Strength machine. I went light but these machines really put my arms and shoulders in a very tough position. I really should have known better and I went ahead and used this machine. The injury was aggravated by a busy day at work, probably one of the busiest I’ve had in my 10 yrs on the job.

So I am resting it now and just trying to stretch it. If it starts to get better from rest I will rehab it using the video inserted into this post. If it continues to hurt then its off to the doctor I go.

Chief speaks

Fitness is not a side note  an after thought or a hobby. It’s not something to do cause we are bored. The excuses are many. I’m tired, I work a lot, I don’t want to get hurt and the best one yet…. I don’t have the time.

From http://smfrfitness.com/2013/04/chief-drummond-interview/.

A 64 yr old Chief from South Metro Fire who has made exercise a part of his life like breathing is. He explains its essential and deserves his full attention.

5 Overrated Exercises (and What to Do Instead)

After a few shoulder issues over the years I’m open to any alternatives that not only keep your shoulders strong but pain free!
Fred (LHXC)



Conventional upright rows (performed with a straight bar or EZ bar, a narrow grip and pulling up to the chin) are a surefire way to aggravate cranky shoulders. The exercise almost perfectly replicates the clinical test for impingement syndrome: touch your hand to your opposite shoulder and lift your elbow up. If you feel pinching or tightness, that means you’ve got something going on in your subacromial space (which could be caused by a handful of things) and upright rows are not in the cards for you.

Either way, it’s best just not to do upright rows at all. It’s not worth the potential shoulder irritation and there are plenty of other ways to build big delts and traps.


Widen your grip, use some aggressive hip extension and pull no higher than the nipple line for a more effective and less…

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Impressive Front Squat

A deep front squat with a good long pause at the bottom followed by explosive rise. Heavy as shit too!

Hardcore Occupations

This window cleaner is one goddamn HARDCORE dude……….

A window washer is rescued after his scaffold got stuck on the 40th floor of 1177 6th ave.

…..And so are the guy’s who will come get them when there is a problem!

North Naples firefighter Javier Spirgatis scales down the Marbella condominium in a rescue training exercise.