Music can sooth the savage beast or it can bring the hell hound out of the gentle soul.

I know that listening to great music will add at least 10 lb. to your deadlift.

I will tell you this, I have had some of my best workouts spurred on from a good drum beat or guitar riff .

Here is a list of music that I THINK is great to workout to.

Let the rest of us know what YOU like to listen to while you are training . I for one would like to know because I’m always looking for new jams.

Put it in the comments below…….Thanks!


Click to listen


La Coka Nostra

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Rage Against The Machine

Click to listen


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Public Enemy (boooyyyy!)

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Skrillex (just some badass Dub Step by a nerdy dude.)

Click To Listen

Pantera. Broken up but still influential. Great workout music.

Click to listen


Click to listen.


Plenty More to come………..

2 thoughts on “Music

  1. I would add Hatebreed and The Black Label Society to your list. They are a huge part of my Getting Bigger by Getting Smaller playlist. “A Call For Blood” is almost required for 1RM work.

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